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Govt. Aided College & Recognized by UGC u/s 2(f) &1 2(b) :: Established in: 1998
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Masterda Surya Sen

Indian revolutionary
and School Teacher

22 Mar1894 - 12 Jan 1934


Programme  Specific   Outcomes

  • Knowledge and understanding of  basic Bengali Literature .
  • Knowledge  and understanding of Bengali Grammar  and Linguistics    
  • Knowledge and understanding of  essential Bengali vocabulary .
  • Knowledge and understanding   History of Bengali Literature
  • Knowledge and understanding basic idea of Poetry ,Short Story, Essay,  Drama & Novel .  


Course  Outcome: 

  • History of Bengali Literature   ( 1601  1950)

      To make students interested in Bengali Society, culture, literature and history of the Bengali people. 

      To create a sense of history and historical analysis  about  Literature among the  students.

      To make students aware about basic textual nuances of Medieval and Modern  Bengali Literature.

      To make students aware about the evolution  of the history of Bengali    Literature and Culture. 

       To give the idea of the inextricable interconnection between Literature and Culture.

       To create a strong foundation of studying future course of literature

      Studying History of Bengali Literature helps students to know  about Religion, Society, Culture and development of the Bengali Literature use in the Prose , poetry , drama , short story and novel . Our vision to see our won literature ,manifestation of our nationality transformation of content, form and style of writing  technique through ages and indication of future direction in literature .

  • Origin of Bengali Language:

      Study of origin  of Bengali  language is the most important . Students will understand Bengali language in an historical context and they will learn how Bengali language  origin from  Indo-European or Aryan Family of Languages and  changed over time and how it varies from situation to situation and place to place. Study of Origin of Bengali Language will also help in making the foundation of language stranger and will improve the practical and intellectual skills. 

  • Rhetoric and Prosody:

       To make students aware about the importance of Rhetoric and Prosody while   studying  poetry. 

       To give  practical  lesions   of Rhetoric and Prosody to students.

       To prepare students about the ornamental use of language in constructing sentences while speaking and writing. 

       Introducing  the  foundation  of  Prosody  along with the basic knowledge of Linguistics. 

       Introduce to the students about the aesthetics of language while studying Prosody. 

       To make students aware about Indian idea of Rhetoric and Prosody.


  • Chandimangal:

            To make students interested in Socio-  Economi  cultural history of Medieval period of Bengal .  

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