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Surya Sen Colony, Siliguri
Dist. - Jalpaiguri West Bengal ( India )
Pin : 734004


Emblem :


    Conceptualized by our first Principal Dr. Parthasarathi Das, the SSM College emblem was adapted in the year 1998, the year of establishment of the college.The ideation of the emblem is centered round the Sun, in the form of chakra placed inside a square.It represents cycles of time, with time being a measurement of change, both externally in the world and the universe, and internally within one's being. Having a secondary resonance, the improvised symbol of the Sun also represents steadiness, firmness,intellect and strength of purpose -- qualities that our institution tries to instill among its students. The center of the Sun-circle symbolises discipline and mental stability, which are vital for meditation,while the spokes represent the wisdom and awareness needed to dispel ignorance, whilst the rim represents the state of consciousness required to hold everything together. Two 'Dip-Salakas' , -- the 'Sources of Light', on both the sides of the Sun denotes illumination and awakening of soul from its state of ignorance to enlightenment, as perfectly captured in the prayer from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad:Tamaso Ma JyotirGamaya.

SSM-Theme Song:

Surya Sen, Surya Sen, Surjer Moto Jyoti… —in English,meaning: 'Surya Sen , Surya Senradiating like the Sun..', is the theme song of the college.Our institution basks in the aura of Surya Sen,the legendary revolutionarywhose story of extraordinary courage and sacrifice for the nation,invigorated youths down the ages . Written by Dr. SuphalBiswas , of department of Bengali and the music arranged by Suprio Banerjee,and officially released on 18th September, 2018, during the 21st Foundation day celebration of the college, the SSM anthem, with its powerful lyrics, attempts at enlivening the students for a possible release positive energy.

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Surya Sen Mahavidyalaya
Block B, Surya Sen Colony P.O. : Siliguri Town Dist. : Jalpaiguri,
West Bengal (INDIA), Pin : 734004
Phone: +91 353-2691488 (Office), +91 353-2691489 (Principal)
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