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A Brief History About Surya Sen

Surya Sen (1894-1934) (popularly known as Masterda Surya Sen) was a prominent Bengali Indian freedom movement in Chattagram of undivided Bengal,presently in Bangladesh.Surya sen hailed from a lower middle class family settled in Noapara in Bangladesh.He was born on March 22, 1894.Rajmani Sen was his father and Shashibala, his mother.

     For higher studies Surya Sen was sent to Berhampur in 1917 and was admitted an Krishnanath College, West Bengal. During his stint at Krishnanath College, he came in touch with the then revolutionaries of Bengal whose thoughts and idealism were implanted deeply in the mind of young Surya Sen. After being a graduate, Surya Sen went back to his native town and joined as a teacher of mathematics in Umatara High School. Since then, this 22 years old young man slowly and gradually bloomed into everyone's beloved "Masterda". Along with his regular job of teaching, Masterda also used to discuss the relevance of freedom-struggle with his student. In the process, he formed a revolutionary group along with his comrades-in-arm Nirmal Sen and Ambika Chakraborty. Armed with strong determination and avowed zeal to free India from the clutches of British imperialists, he cloud succeed in building a powerful organizational edifice among the youths of Chattagram within a very short period.

    His major success in the anti-British revolutionary struggle was the Chittagong armory raid on April 18, 1930. Subsequent to the raid, he marched to the jalalabad hills along with his fellow revolutionaries. After the battle with the British troops on April 22, he escaped from there. Surya sen was always in hiding, moving from one place to another. Sometimes he used to take a job as a workman, sometimes he would take a job as a farmer, or milkman, or priest, house worker or even as a pious Muslim. This is how he used to avoid being captured.

    In 1933, on February 16, the British got hold of him, only made possible by the betrayal of one of his close relatives known as Netra Sen. But before Netra sen was able to get his 10,000 rupees reward; he was killed by the revolutionaries in front of his wife. His wife's testimony to the investigating officer who was in search of the Murderer, was a fitting tribute to the oeuvre of Surya Sen, as the said "I saw with my own eyes, but my heart will not permit me to tell you his name. I am sorry, I feel miserable that I was the wife of such a treacherous man, such an undivine man as Netra Sen. My husband betrayed the greatest hero of Chittagong. My husband betrayed a great son of mother India. Therefore, I cannot tell the name of the person of took his life. You can punish me, you can even kill me, but I shall never tell the name of the person of killed my husband. Our Masterda will be hanged, I know, but his name will forever be synonymous with India's immortal freedom-cry. Everybody loves him. Everybody adores him. I, too, love him and adore him, for he is the brightest sun in the firmament of Chittagong. Surya means sun and he is truly our sun.

    Masterda's compatriots, who were still then not arrested, tried to continue their activities unabated. Tarakeswar Dastidar, the new president of the Chittagong Branch Jugantar Party, made a preparation to rescue Surya Sen from the Chittagong Jail. But the plot was unearthed and consequently frustrated. Tarakeswar and Kalpana along with others were arrested. Special tribunals tried Surya Sen, Tarakeswar Dastidar and Kalpana Datta in 1933.

    Surya Sen along with his comrade Tarakeswar Dastidar was hanged by the British rulers on January 12, 1934. Before the execution of death sentence,Surya Sen was brutally tortured. It was reported that the British executioners broke all his teeth with hammer and plucked all nails and broke all limbs and joints. He was dragged to the rope unconscious. After his death he was denied last rites. The prison authority, it was found later, put his dead body in a metallic cage and dumped into the bay of Bengal. This show how even through his death, Surya Sen was successful in keeping the colonial British rulers paranoid about anti-colonial resistance movement.

    His last letter to his comrades, written on January11, will remain enshrined in history as the most eloquent testimony of the excellence of manhood "…Death is knocking at my door. My mind is flying away towards infinity … this is the moment to myself to embrace death as the dearest of friends. In this happy, sacred and crucial moment, what am I leaving for you all? Only one thing, my dream, a golden dream, the dream of a Free India, Dear comrades, march ahead, never retrace your step. Days of servitude are receding. Freedom's illuminating ray is visible over there. Arise and never give way to despair. Success is sure to come."

    The flame he ignited in the minds of millions of youths in India paved the way for freedom of our country from British imperialism. A genius, a good teacher, a great revolutionary organizer, Masterda, was one of the most eminent champions of uncompromising revolutionary activism of colonial India.

            We pay our deepest homage to the great revolutionary and feel proud to have his name associated with our Institution.


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